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Personal Coaching

Times when coaching may be useful:

  • New role or job, especially as a first-time leader

  • Challenges as a leader

  • Personal challenges which affect job performance

  • Facing a transition in your life, whether planned or unplanned

As a Professional Certified Coach, I have completed extensive training, mentoring, and evaluation to offer my clients a superior coaching experience.  My focus is completely on YOU during our sessions, working to solve YOUR problems in the best way for YOU. 


My coaching programs are designed to be the most effective for you.  First, the goals for the entire coaching program are established during the first session, and each coaching session takes you further toward accomplishing your goals.  The coaching sessions are conducted weekly or biweekly, in order to provide time for you to make lasting changes and create new habits and ways of thinking.   


In my coaching, I offer a set of coaching tools which can provide lasting benefits for your future, including determining your Life Purpose, and determining a set of Long-Term Goals 10 or 20 years).  By the completion of the coaching program, it is my intention to help you live your life in such a way that you may not ever need a coach again. 

"Scott is a wonderful coach and presenter. He is relatable, approachable, and his messages are impactful."


I offer a premium coaching subscription, which allows for unlimited coaching sessions for a monthly fee, and also a defined package of 10 hours of coaching, to be used on a weekly or biweekly basis, over a period of several months.   


Sign up for a free, 30-minute consultation to talk about the overall goals for the coaching program, and to experience a sample of my coaching style.  I will answer your questions and explain how coaching can help you reach your goals. 

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