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County Collecting

Explore every county in the United States and beyond!

What began as the longest unwritten tale, evolved into a vivid narrative chronicling a profound passion for uncovering the hidden gems of America. These books are a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit, the unyielding pursuit of exploration, and the boundless beauty found in every corner of the country. Join author Scott A. Moore in his odyssey of discovery and the celebration of the unexplored, the mundane, and the extraordinary.

Starting in 2009, Scott began his passion of visiting and documenting the courthouses of every county in the United States. After visiting and taking photos, he would write a one-page document, detailing his visit and describing what was important or interesting about the county.

When unable to travel during the COVID lockdown, Scott created placeholder documents for unexplored counties, going on to include the British Isles and Canada, creating an expansive collection of over 4,000 pages.

The County Collecting book series will continue to document the explorations throughout the United States, Canada, and the British Isles, in a planned series of over 57 books. Each page echoes the passion for discovery, resonating with untold stories and unseen wonders awaiting exploration.

Click on each book below for more information. The County Collecting books are now accessible in both Kindle and Print formats on Amazon. The Kindle version features color photos, whereas the Print version includes black and white images.

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