• Scott Moore

Playing Nice in the Sandbox

Updated: Nov 10, 2017

As little kids, we were told to play nice with others. Be polite and respect other kids. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Bullying is bad, and we should treat others with kindness and understanding.

Then, we grow up-and we forget the rules.

People gossip about the clothing or behavior of their coworkers. Bullies take advantage of and yell at their subordinates. Loud employees talk over and silence quiet ones. It's my way or the highway! Nobody trusts each other. The most important meeting is the meeting after the meeting, when we decide how things are really going to happen (not what was agreed upon at the original meeting).

"The number one factor in job satisfaction is the culture, or how it feels to be at work. "

The number one factor in job satisfaction is the culture, or how it feels to be at work. A bad culture is toxic, chasing the best people to find a better place to work. The people who remain dread coming to work, are unmotivated and unproductive. There is so much turnover that HR has to install a revolving door.

How do you change the culture of a workplace?

First, let's look at the five characteristics of an effective team.

1. Focuses on results.

2. Holds each other accountable.

3. Commits to decisions.

4. Uses conflict to fuel creativity.

5. Mutual trust.

How do we get there?

The answer is that you need to transform your office or department into an effective and high-performing team, working together toward common goals, with common values, using agreed-upon rules of behavior. The building of an effective team is done over a period of time using the following strategies:

1. Empowering the quiet ones to speak.

2. Identifying and eliminating micromanaging.

3. Creating awareness and improving communication.

4. Allowing everyone to lighten up.

5. Eradicating bullying.

6. Allowing team members to challenge each other.

7. Managing conflict and building camaraderie.

8. Positively addressing what gets in the way.

The best way to accomplish this transformation is to use the services of a trained team coach. If your sandbox is not a very nice place to play, or you have a team that you would like to take from good to great, contact me for further information on how team coaching can help.


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