“It was no accident that I met Scott.  My life coaching has only ended in the sense of time and schedule, but it will continue to give to me forever.” 

—  F.H., Jan 2017

Coaching programs

As a Professional Certified Coach, I have completed extensive training, mentoring, and evaluation to offer my clients a superior coaching experience.  My focus is completely on YOU during our sessions, working to solve YOUR problems in the best way for YOU.

My coaching programs use the Success Unlimited Network (SUN) coaching system, which offers several advantages over other coaching methods.  First, the goals for the entire coaching program are established during the first session, and each coaching session takes you further toward accomplishing these goals.  The length of the entire coaching program is defined, and all costs are determined up front, as opposed to coaching plans that are vague and open-ended.  The coaching sessions are conducted every two to three weeks, in order to provide time for you to make lasting changes to existing habits.  In SUN coaching, we use a set of coaching tools which can provide lasting benefits for the future.  Finally, by the completion of the coaching program, you will learn how to live your life in such a way that you should not ever need a coach again.

Full Coaching Program

Are you looking to make a job change, or take on a new leadership role? Do you need help becoming more organized, or changing your habit patterns to develop a more positive outlook? Are there issues in your relationships? Or, are you just trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up? We can help! 


Nine two-hour coaching sessions, conducted every 2-3 weeks over 4-5 months.

First session: a free, 90-minute session to set goals for the coaching program in each life area, to experience a sample of coaching, and to determine whether you would like me to be your coach.  I will answer any questions and explain the coaching agreement during this session. 

Second session: we figure out your life purpose. Most people have some idea of their life purpose, but it is an incredible experience to see it written out. Your life purpose provides a path for you each all of your goals and achieve your dreams.


Sessions 3-8: coaching to achieve the exploratory goals we set in the initial coaching session. These sessions use tools unique to SUN, including the Well-Being Game, the Results Game, and Guidelines for Living.

  • Well-Being Game.  Provides a snapshot of your well-being at each coaching session, allowing you to say how these qualities change over time.

  • Results Game.  Allows you to set achievable results to work on between each coaching session, prioritized in order of importance.

  • Guidelines for Living.  In order to make what you learn sustainable, you will write down and keep track of everything you learn through coaching.  This allows you to learn how you are successful and how you overcome challenges.


Final coaching session: analyzing the results achieved through coaching, as well as determining how to continue these successes in the future when you will no longer need a coach.

Coaching Lite Program 

"When in doubt, just take the next small step." - Paulo Coehlo

Maybe that next step is our Coaching Lite Program. Sometimes we are on a good path, but just need that extra clarification or assistance in our journey. Whether there is just one area of life you want to focus on or a few where you want to establish clearer steps, we can work together to further define your next actions. 

This program is half of our Full Coaching Program. Five two-hour coaching sessions, conducted every 2-3 weeks over 4-5 months.

life purpose Program 

Most people have some idea of their life purpose, but it is an incredible experience to see it written out.  Telling stories about when you were at your most fulfilled helps us figure out your true life purpose.  Your life purpose then provides a path for you to travel to reach all of your goals and achieve your dreams.

This program includes the exploratory session and a two-hour life purpose coaching session. Please call for pricing.